My Finds Feb 15, 2019

We survived the week here in Ottawa, with about 26,000 CM of snow (I think that was the official number). Here are some finds to take us into the weekend.  See you Monday!

Are you F**Kin kidding me that they appealed this to the Supreme Court?

Teachers can’t secretly take pictures of students’ breasts: SCC

Completely agree with the statement here, “Fuck these negotiations: tell them it’s $20 billion and take them to court if they don’t accept it.”

I still want to fly on one of these.  Sometimes this is the way it goes is Aircraft Manufacturer.

It’s Official: The Airbus A380 Is Dead

Crap, I believe nothing I see anymore unless it is a physical thing.

This Person Does Not Exist

Spearing space junk!  Are you kidding me? This is so dang awesome!

For the love of…really?

How did I never know about this tool.  I am a BaseCamp Convert in big way!  This looks to be an extension

Big news: Know Your Company is now Know Your Team 🎉

A little Dilbert to clear the pallet.

Author: Bill Christie

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