As an Apple fan and support expert for over 25 years, I have always been fascinated by the concept of how Apple functions as a company. What is the secret sauce that helps it create the products and services that have changed the world we work in so profoundly. Yesterday the Apple News universe published a couple of articles about the big pieces of the original article. I wanted more, so read the whole thing. All I can say is take the 10 mins and read it! It speaks about at a level of how decisions are made, with specific examples from different aspects of the business. My favourite quote is from Steve Jobs (Who else!) about the management arrangement of Apple in 1984.

Early on, Steve Jobs came to embrace the idea that managers at Apple should be experts in their area of management. In a 1984 interview he said, “We went through that stage in Apple where we went out and thought, Oh, we’re gonna be a big company, let’s hire professional management. We went out and hired a bunch of professional management. It didn’t work at all….They knew how to manage, but they didn’t know how to do anything. If you’re a great person, why do you want to work for somebody you can’t learn anything from? And you know what’s interesting? You know who the best managers are? They are the great individual contributors who never, ever want to be a manager but decide they have to be…because no one else is going to…do as good a job.”

This is what I have believed my entire career. I want to learn and I always try to find lessons everywhere. Thanks for your Attention as usual.

How Apple Is Organized for Innovation