When I come across something that really impresses me in the streaming universe, I like to tell folks about it. So this is what I hope will be a series of posts. For the first one, it will be one of my favourite fields. Space flight!

Even though this is a sad story in the end, the exploration of the challenges and the stories around it are fascinating. It shows where politics, and engineering conflicts. What I found particularly fascinating was the conversations with the engineers involved in it. This again just proves to me that schedules are a dangerous thing when you want to do it right.

In my learning of project management there are 3 things you get in every project which can make it difficult to succeed. Scope, budget and schedule. You can have 2, but not all three. I am a believer in scope and schedule being changeable to bring about success.

While you are watching this ask yourself, how do you react when you see a problem?

Check out “Challenger” on Netflix Challenger: The Final Flight