Good bye, Muhammad Ali.  

I have always had a special place in my heart for Muhammad Ali. I have always been a boxing fan thanks to my father. He told me once of seeing Ali training in Boston when he was going to school. He always told me he has never seen an athlete like that since.
Then of course there was his poetry and speeches. If you want to here them, YouTube has it. But this is one of my favourites, he is training for the Foreman fight, but throughout he is coming up with the best trash talk imaginable.

Then he goes in the ring and takes him apart. This is why I will always love Ali. He was fighting a guy in this fight he was supposed to loose to and loose bad.  He was older and smaller.  But he set him up and took him down.

I will close with my favourite quote from Ali.  “Yesterday day, I murdered a rock, hospitalized a brick.  I’m so mean I make medicine sick!”

Thanks you Muhammad Ali.  Thank you for everything you did in the Ring and out.

Shared Services Canada open to outsourcing much of its work, report says – Politics – CBC News

Here is my big thing with this CBC series that they are doing on Shared Services.  The people doing the work are awesome!!  The management and the idea are flawed.  

A report commissioned by Shared Services Canada on how to save money through outsourcing recommends eliminating 1,685 jobs at the beleaguered department that provides in-house tech support to the federal government.

Source: Shared Services Canada open to outsourcing much of its work, report says – Politics – CBC News

What does chicken have to do with god? – Verbatim Series from New York Times

This is a series of documentaries that The New York Times has done called Verbatim.  It is a series of legal depositions given dramatic readings.  Some are very funny, others not.  The 2 I have here are funny.

If you need a good laugh, this is possibly the silliest thing I have ever seen from the New York Times of all places.  It’s 5 minutes and worth every moment.

Read the article to the end, there is another video about a photocopying case that is just as funny.

In 2001, a Mississippi chicken breeder claimed a lumber company inflicted $300,000 worth of damage to his pasture. The New York Times’ Brett Weiner dramatized a bizarre deposition from the la…

Source: Verbatim dramatization of deposition in bizarre chicken lawsuit / Boing Boing

Tin Foil Hat Series – ProtonMail has launched worldwide! 

In what I hope will become an ongoing series I’m calling the “Tin Foil Hat” series, I will be highlighting things that threaten and can help to protect your privacy online.  This is one of the biggest threats to modern life that I see in technology.

The threat is not just from hackers, but after the Snowden revelations and the current case of Apple v. the FBI in the United States I think it’s important than ever to educate everyone on the state of technology and privacy.

So for my first post here is a truly encrypted email service hosted in Switzerland.  If you are concerned about your correspondence being intercepted by a “bad guy” of any kind, this is one of the simplest products I have found to help with that.  Sign-up with your current email and you can then log in to make sure that snooping eyes can’t read your data easily.

Let me know if you want more in these posts about the background and technology.  I can always do more, just sometimes I want to just get the word out.

Source: Announcement: ProtonMail has launched worldwide! – ProtonMail Blog